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Learning in early childhood is particularly significant as it lays the foundation for all future learning. Our aim is to provide children with experiences and opportunities that encourage them to acquire skills, knowledge, attitudes and sensitivities that will allow them to make the most of their potential.

Children thrive in play based learning environments where they feel secure and valued and where their self-esteem is promoted. The program at Balamara is developed considering the whole child and the inter-related nature of development and learning. Curriculum areas like literacy, numeracy, creative expression, music and scientific thinking are provided for daily, in an integrated manner throughout the day.
As children approach school age, we focus on extending their abilities, challenging their conceptual knowledge and developing their confidence to make their transition to the school environment a smooth and happy one.

Children’s learning is documented through individual portfolios, through developmental records, photographic displays, work samples and through our day book.

We work in partnership with families, respecting and celebrating diversity and sharing a goal of the best outcome for the child. Families are the first teachers of their children and their input into our program is extremely valuable.
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